Say hello to two visible improvements that have just been released in the iAuditor web app!

The first is updated navigation, making it easier to find what you need quickly. The sidebar won’t hide when your cursor isn’t on it anymore. Additionally, the options that you usually see in the sub-menus can now be found across the top of the page. Account settings, Help pages, and Logout have moved under your name, so they’re not distracting you when you don’t need them.

The second is the introduction of the "actions hub," a place where you can see all the actions that have been shared with you. We’ve made some significant improvements to actions over the last few months, making sure that the whole team, in collaboration, can address all issues. If you haven’t yet been introduced, see everything that you can do with collaborative actions here.

In the "actions hub" on your computer, you can sort and filter all actions. Use the filters for site, status, or assignee, to give yourself better visibility into what’s going on in the field. This space is going to evolve quickly over the next few weeks. Soon you will be able to manage actions on the web for easy review.