We’re changing the iAuditor web Dashboard so that you get the information that you need straight away. Coming soon, you'll be able to get a nice understanding of "What do I need to do today" from the streamlined look and feel of the Dashboard page

What's in the new view

Your dashboard will feature new sections to help you start and review inspections more efficiently. Sections include: 

  1. Start inspection: This section will feature any bookmarked inspections you have along with any of your most recently modified inspection templates to quickly start what you need. 
  2. Recent inspections: Easily review any recently completed inspections performed by you or shared with you automatically by your teammates.
  3. Daily activity, last 30 days:  This area features an overview of inspections completed across your team along with the top items to action (failed items) across the same period. 

What's changing? 

Just what you see as a default. The view will now feature inspections more prominently. If you're used to the classic look, don't worry, you'll still be able to access all of the same reports from the Analytics overview page.

Why is the Dashboard changing? 

The Dashboard will soon become the hub of everything you do in iAuditor over the next 12 months. Things like Actions, Sensors, and our future product offerings will start appearing here to help you and your team tackle the challenges in your workplace. You may also notice that the new dashboard makes the product feel faster. This is thanks to some new technology under the hood that improves the product load time and will enable us to deliver features much more rapidly.