Inspections are the bread and butter of your iAuditor experience, so we're constantly dreaming up ways to make them work better for you. To ship some of these plans in the future, the inspections platform in the web app needed an upgrade - so we gave it one. It works the same way as it did before, and looks just a touch fancier. It'll roll out slowly over the next few months, and you won't need to do a thing. The best part of this new build is something you can't see: it will let us ship new, exciting features and functionality to you more quickly over the coming months.

The new experience works wherever you're using the browser, including when you're using a phone or a tablet. You can also take photos straight from the browser if you're using Edge, Chrome, or Safari. Get familiar with the few little tweaks in the new look inspections experience:

Add a site to your inspection

In the web app, "Sites" used to pop up separately first, before you got to the title page questions. We've now added it into the title page question fields, which is where it displays in the complete report. That makes the experience a little more consistent for your team members across the product. Just like before, the site will be a mandatory field if you've got them set up for your organization.

Create actions within the experience

The new inspections experience has an impressive new side panel that pops out when you create an action from a question, where you can put all of the action information, and see the activity feed. It flows naturally, so you can see both the inspection questions and the action you're creating at the same time. You can also work collaboratively on the action from inside the inspection if you're using the new actions experience. Don't worry - if you're not using the new experience, you'll still be able to create actions from within the inspection, you just won't have the activity feed.

Add notes, photos and actions to a question

Notes, photos, and action buttons will appear under any multiple-choice question just like they did before because this is the most common response type that our users add additional evidence to. Other question types have actions and other options hidden by default - your team just has to click the paperclip to see the options.

The slider now has a default answer

When a slider is marked as mandatory, it'll be answered with the lowest value by default (so it's not blank).

Signature fields are now marked complete with just the signature

In the web app, you used to have to fill in both the name and signature for a question with a "signature field" answer to be marked as done. With this update, we're changing that, so just the signature is needed, like on the mobile app.