Everyone in your organization should have the power to identify when things aren’t quite right and help get them fixed. Previously, you could only create an action while you were completing an inspection. You'll now be able to create an action in iAuditor anytime, and your whole team can help solve the problem together.

Collaborative actions - which is what we're calling the new experience - puts every worker on your team in charge of making sure that things look right. Everyone is empowered to flag issues by raising an action on their mobile device as they carry out their work, and can give as much context and evidence as they like to make sure the rest of the team will understand exactly what needs to be fixed. Each action will have a traceable timeline, which looks like a Messenger or Whatsapp conversation so that everyone can contribute, add photos, and ask for approval, as the issue is being resolved. This is accessible on both the mobile and web applications, so you can see when the issue began, and every step that your team members have taken to remedy it since, without having to leave your desk.

To help you manage all your actions in one place, we’re building an actions command center on our web app so you can manage all your team’s actions in one place. You can sort and apply filters (for example due date, priority, status, site assignee) so you can bring the actions that are most important to you to the top. In the command center, you can also create actions on the web, delete up to 100 actions at a time, or edit existing actions. 

We realize that a lot of actions need to be completed by contractors and subcontractors who don't have an iAuditor account or co-workers who aren't part of your organization in iAuditor. You can still assign an action to these team members by simply putting their email address in the "Assignee" field. They'll get the action in an email, and be able to update its status. However, to get the full experience of adding comments, photos, and participate in conversations, they'll need to join your organization in iAuditor. 

Can't wait to hear what you think of the new experience!

Want to learn how to use collaborative actions? Here’s how.