We're introducing a new type of user in iAuditor who can log and help resolve issues for just $4 per user each month. These “collaborators” can record any observation, hazard, near-miss, incident, good catch, or custom category that is relevant to your business in real time, and drive immediate action within iAuditor.

The process is simple - let us know how many seats you need, and we’ll add them to your account. Once you’ve added your new users, they’ll be able to go to the “Issues” tab, and record what they see around them. From there, you’ll be able to work together to solve anything that requires attention within the application, assign corrective actions, and use the information that comes in to track trends over time.

Make safety and operational excellence everyone’s responsibility. Give your whole team the power to collaboratively create actions, raise observations, and resolve issues with your guidance in iAuditor.

Ready to start working together?

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