If you're using our Spotlight hazard capture product today, we've got great news for you - we're moving this functionality into iAuditor. iAuditor is our flagship safety and operations inspection app that your whole team can learn in minutes, so that you can have a single app experience for your teams, and all of your insights are captured in one place. iAuditor is now the home for all of your onsite data collection, with inspections, corrective actions and issues all tracked in one secure location. 

In iAuditor's new issues and observations feature, you'll be able to set your team up to capture and share hazards, near misses, incidents and other observations easily and intuitively. Like Spotlight, your new incidents feature will have:

Customizable issue categories

Build a list of up to 7 categories that are specific to your business. For example, if you work in retail, you may want to set up separate issue categories for "Theft", "Property damage" and "Personal injuries", so that you can quickly see what type of issues are coming up most frequently.

Share and notify based on the groups that you make

Choose who should be notified based on your own organizational structure. For example, if you have a "Security" team, you can set up notifications so that everyone in that group is notified by SMS, email, or an in-app notification every time a "Theft" issue is raised. You can also give access to the issue or observation to everyone, or a group of people, but save people being spammed by only notifying those who are responsible for the resolution. This means that, unlike in Spotlight, you can use iAuditor incidents for lots of different types of issues, and only notify and give access to the people who need to know.

Easy and intuitive capture for the frontline

Like in Spotlight, each issue or observation will have its own chat-style timeline view, which feels like any other messaging app. This lets your frontline record all the information necessary, including capturing photos as evidence.

Got questions? Check out the Spotlight functionality to iAuditor FAQ.