We've just launched a new incidents and observations capture feature in iAuditor! With incidents and observations, your whole team can flag when something doesn’t look right, and work together to resolve the issue. You'll be able to set your team up to capture and share incidents, hazards, near misses, and other observations easily and intuitively.

With this new feature, you can:

  • Capture incidents with a few taps, and collect evidence in an intuitive chat style view
  • Set your own categories of incidents or observations for your team to choose from, such as "property damage", "personal injury", or "good catch"
  • Turn the information collected into a professional, shareable report 
  • Set notifications so the right people know when a particular category of incident is raised 
  • Manage permissions so only the people who should see specific incidents can access them

In celebration of this new feature, we’ve increased the number of people you can add to your iAuditor team as a free user so that you’ve got more opportunities to collaborate together to solve incidents, or address concerning observations. You can now add up to 9 people before you have to pay! Learn how to add people to your free team.

If you're part of a premium organization and want to add new users who will just be capturing incidents and observations, reach out to us and we can talk through pricing options.