Your exported PDF reports are getting a facelift! We’ve collaborated with our customers to collect over 500 points of feedback on how to make the design more readable, relevant, and professional. Here’s what’s changing:

  1. Cleaner, more professional title page, with the template title as the hero.
  2. Clearer and more logically ordered failed items & actions page. The failed items with corresponding actions are now grouped together, with other actions following in chronological order. All actions clearly display the relevant information and question context. 
  3. Table style in all pages has been cleaned up, with answers all right aligned, to make it easier to read and find content. 
  4. Nested sections of questions will have a clear hierarchy 
  5. Thumbnail images in the report will be shown full ratio, rather than cropped
  6. With all of these changes, the length of the reports will be shorter 


Title Page

Actions & Failed Items Page

Body pages