Our customers ask, our customers receive! We've changed the duration of the alerts in Sensors so you can receive the information you need to react much more quickly.

What's new

One piece of feedback we heard for our customers was that the alert duration was not short enough or customizable enough. What we understood this to mean was our customers needed information regarding a change in the environment their sensors were monitoring much quicker than 30 minutes. Customers also wanted the ability to make the duration more customizable based on their individual requirements to reflect severity or criticality of what they were monitoring.

So we've made this change with them in mind. Alerts will no longer be after 30 minutes, but can be after 1 minute or up to 120 minutes after a noted change in the environment the sensors are monitoring.

How can I make these changes?

Similarly to how you set alerts currently, navigate to the alerts configuration section of the sensor you are looking to configure. Click edit and under the 'For longer than' drop down, select 'Customize' and enter your desired length.

That's it - completely customizable alert durations, meaning you can get the information you need more quickly and react accordingly.