Do you already use sensors in your business? Turns out many customers like you already have a solution for asset tracking, temperature sensing, gas level monitoring, or other automatic checks. We are working on ensuring you can take the data from all of your existing sensors, or other IoT solutions, and bring it into iAuditor so that you can get instant alerts when things go out of range, and convert them into iAuditor actions as required. We're calling this Bring Your Own (BYO) Sensors - with no extra cost, you can bring your existing data into iAuditor and use our sensors functionality. With BYO sensors, you will be able to:

  1. Bring all of your key data together in one place in iAuditor - both the data you collect automatically with sensors, as well as your inspection data collected in iAuditor. With both of these critical pieces of information available in the same tool, you're best placed to understand trends across your operations.
  2. View your sensors information in real-time, and use it to create custom alerts, and create actions on the spot. You can also review historical data and understand trends - just the same as with our own iAuditor Sensors data today.

Want to see if we can hook your sensors data up with your iAuditor account? Fill out this short survey and and we'll let you know!