Now it’s easier to get your new team members up to speed with iAuditor with the ability to apply updated Access settings to past inspections. This means you’ll be able to make sure that all inspection results from any given time can be reviewed, no matter when the individual was added to the account.

You can now apply new or updated Template Access settings to…

    • All past and future inspections
    • Just for future inspections 

When would this be useful to me? 

Imagine you have a new department starting to use iAuditor. Let's call them the ‘Operations department.’ The Operations department needs to be granted access to use the ‘Site Review’ check, a template that the Safety Managers have been using for a long time. The Operations department also needs access to all historical reports completed from this template (Site Review) over time. 

To give this access to the Operations department, update the access settings on the "Site Review" template to include the Operations department. After clicking ‘Save and apply,’ you’ll receive another prompt where you can choose to apply these access settings to all past, and future inspections with the "Apply to past and future" option. 

For setup steps, see here.