You can now turn alerts from your sensors into corrective actions, so that you can quickly address the situation when the environment goes outside of your set critical range.

With these actions, the right people will be notified in real time, and be able to collaborate to fix the issue. All the communications, including messages and photos, will be logged and safety stored inside iAuditor in case you never need to go back and reference it. With this change, you'll be able to:

1. Assign an action when a sensor detects an issue. This means there is added peace of mind that alerts are taken care of immediately. Manually being able to assign alerts and monitor the status of the action means employees know if and when the incident has been taken care of.

2. Gain visibility into the incident and can make sure the proper steps were taken to deal with the issue and have a historical record of the what was done and who was involved. You will also be able to see resolution time to know how quickly the incident was taken care of.

3. Filter by alerts to view which actions stemmed from a sensor. This allows you to sort your actions to gain an understanding of where actions are coming from.


For more information on alerts to actions, check out this support page.