TL;DR we’ve turned off the old template editor, and will soon be retiring the old reporting process to make room for the new ones! This means that all existing templates have been converted to the new format (as of 28 May AEST). Existing Export Profiles have been locked as they are for now, and will be turned off in mid-late July 2019, so you need to manually set up Report Preferences to make sure your workflow isn’t interrupted. The template editor tool and generating reports require that you be online, making sure template changes can sync and you have a reliable trail of past inspections saved in the cloud, but completing an inspection can still be done offline.


We're making big changes to the way that you build your templates and create reports to make the experience more natural, simple and intuitive. But bringing in the new means retiring the old. We waved adios to clunky template building, to overly complex customisations, and to confusing export rules on 28th May. In their place, you have the new Template Editor, and will soon have a new flow in creating and exporting reports. Here's what's new:

A new template editor that makes building inspections simpler and more intuitive:

  • Create questions and choose how you want to see the answer (number, slider, media, text, list etc.)
  • Smart Scan a question set that you currently use in Word, Excel or PDF, to pull questions straight into the editor for you to customise.
  • Copy a whole set of questions from an existing template, or from a spreadsheet or document, and paste them into the new template editor.
  • Use undo or redo functionality to quickly revert a change.
  • Set up failed responses in bulk
  • See the end product as you go, with an instant preview of the inspection experience
  • Set and save your report preferences as you build the templates, rather than when you're completing inspections (replacing Export Profiles).
  • Inspection templates can only be changed online, so that any changes will be reflected in the reports being completed, to reduce confusion regarding unsynced changes.
  • See a full list of what's different in the new template editor

Reports that are easier to build, read, and back-up:

  • Choose from a streamlined option range so you can quickly find the elements you want to change.
  • Re-engineered report look that gets to the point faster.
  • Add filters on top of the chosen Report Preference so that you can quickly and easily add or remove items to display for individual reports.
  • We're backing up all of your completed inspections on our cloud server, so you can find all of your past inspection reports should you ever need them. This means that all the reports you need to export start as a web report, and from there you can convert it to a PDF on your phone (requiring you to be connected to the internet).
  • See a full list of what you can do in the new reporting experience

These changes to the way that reports are set up will let us do some cool stuff in the future, for example, like automatically send reports to pre-selected email addresses, users or groups, when an inspection is completed. 

Please reach out to our support team if you need any help with this transition. We're excited to keep building the future of inspections with you.