It’s a quarter of the way through 2018 and the team at SafetyCulture have been hard at work! Over the last three months, we’ve released a range of features and improvements that make managing an inspection program much easier for your business. Here’s a recap:

New Features

1) Automate inspections with scheduling!


Never miss an inspection again! We released scheduling to give you confidence inspections will be completed on time, every time. You now have a bird’s eye view of what has been missed. Read more.

2) Bluetooth thermometer connection

Take your temperature data to the next level by using the iAuditor bluetooth thermometer connection. Instantly connect and capture accurate temperature recordings with a compatible bluetooth thermometer. Read more.

Product Improvements

3) Make your audit titles smart

Smart fields can now be added to your audit title. We highly recommend using this function to name your checklists - it makes them much easier to find and organise. Learn more.

4) Improvements to the auditing experience

We’ve been focussing on making it faster and easier to get your inspections completed.

Now when you add a Dynamic Field, the ‘Add’ button remains at the bottom.

5) Better ownership of your data

Now you have the ability to transfer ownership of all templates and audit results when a user is deleted. We’ve also created a new permission called Data Access, that gives individuals view-only access to all your organisation’s audit results. Learn more.

6) Action overview bar

For team’s using the corrective actions feature, it was hard to get a quick snapshot of overdue, in progress and completed actions. Now every time you’re in the Actions menu, you can see the overview bar at the top! Go to actions dashboard.

7) Better filtering of your Actions list

Instead of sorting through every single corrective action ever created, you can now filter your actions list by Template. Go to actions dashboard.


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