This article provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions for customers moving from our Spotlight app. If the answers below still do not address your questions, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Spotlight functionality moving into iAuditor, instead of staying as a separate different app?

Inspection and issue data are closely related - when things are going well, your inspections should lead to fewer issues. Observations captured can also supplement your inspections, as users can capture and share information in real-time, even if they’re not completing an inspection. Because of this close relationship, it’ll be easier for you to spot and resolve issues, as well as use the issues as learning opportunities to tweak your inspection processes.

We’ve also heard from many customers that they simply have too many apps to work with and learn. So we’re simplifying things by creating one awesome app, with multiple awesome experiences to empower your frontline workers to take charge of their safety with ease.

Will my data move across from Spotlight to iAuditor?

No, as the two apps are built on different codebases, we won’t be able to migrate your data from one to the other. However, you can download all of your data from Spotlight as a CSV so you have it for recordkeeping!

Is there anything I could do in Spotlight that I won’t be able to do in iAuditor?

You can do everything in iAuditor that you could do in Spotlight, with two tiny exceptions in the short term. You won’t be able to:

  • Include weather data automatically
  • Invite other team members via SMS

We’re working on both of those at the moment.

Functionality that is the same includes:

  • Creating custom categories for your issues and observations
  • Setting up permissions for different groups
  • Setting up notifications for different groups (via SMS, email, or in-app)
  • Adding information in an intuitive timeline view, like any other messaging app your frontline is used to using
  • Capture evidence on the spot with ease by adding photos

You’ll also get a few new features! These include:

  • Prompted questions to make sure your frontline captures all the information you need. In the beginning, we’ll set up the questions. But soon, you’ll be able to set them up yourself by issue categories!
  • We’re working hard to integrate issues into our analytics, so you can see the relationship between your issues and your inspections. Watch this space!

Will I need to pay for iAuditor to use issues?

iAuditor lets you have up to 10 users for free as part of your team, and you’ll be able to report as many issues as you need without restriction. If your team is larger than 10 people, you’ll need to upgrade to iAuditor Premium, which unlocks more awesome features such as Analytics and integrations, to help you raise your game!

Why isn’t it free like Spotlight?

Spotlight was a free app as we were learning what type of information and function was important to you when capturing issues. We’ve been working hard to get it right for you! But as it’s taken time and resources, and we have to cover our costs so we can keep your apps running, and continue to make the world a safer (and more efficient) place.

How do I use issues in iAuditor?

Check out our support articles on how you can get the most out of issues!

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