Starting and sharing inspections automatically

Connected information between iAuditor and other business tools gives you complete visibility over your operations. With the API (available on the Premium subscription) you can build custom workflows to achieve a seamless inspection process.

To simplify the experience of a user in the field, an organization’s administrator can pre-start and share a particular inspection with a team member (without needing to share the template), minimizing the time a field worker spends searching for the appropriate template. The pre-started inspection will simply appear at the top of their listed inspections.

You’ll also be able to retrieve inspections either individually or they can be searched by a set of parameters. Using the SDK tools (code available via GitHub), you can automatically extract completed inspections within iAuditor and retrieve new and updated inspections periodically. Read a quick guide to getting started with the iAuditor API.

Build Custom Workflows

Several different types of workflows are enabled by the API using automation services like Zapier, IFTTT, Power Automate (previously MS Flow) etc. You can easily build custom workflows that:

  • Schedule inspections at particular times,
  • Pre-fill information,
  • Trigger actions like reminders or notifications,
  • Assign and share pre-started inspections to users for completion

Start inspections automatically with pre-filled information

For organizations with a large number of inspections being conducted, this automation can help avoid errors and save time. Now, you’ll be able to start a given inspection, pre-fill some information automatically and assign them to team members to complete. Pre-filling item responses is not yet supported by the Zapier application, only by solutions using our API directly. Read more.

Here’s an example of how it works:

A supervisor is scheduling a team member to conduct an inspection at a particular time or on a recurring schedule. The supervisor can schedule the inspection, assign a team member and that person will be notified when an inspection needs completion, and will be provided with the appropriate template form. Some information can be automatically pre-filled to save time, reduce human error and increase consistency. Examples of pre-filled information include: title, name, location, date/time, serial number, or anything relevant to the task at hand.

Sample inspection scheduling workflow:

Schedule inspections and trigger email notifications with the calendar functionality in Zapier, Google Calendar, or Google Sheets. An email will be generated at the scheduled time and sent to the iAuditor user with a link to start an inspection with the appropriate template. Once an inspection is completed, using Zapier you can trigger any number of next steps.


See here for a more detailed guide on how to set up this workflow.


 For more information regarding the API functionality and how it can apply to your organization, contact our Support team 

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