Zapier can be used to send an email if an audit is completed with a score below some specified threshold. See the following steps to set up a Zap like this.


The following setup requires a For Work Subscription with Zapier, and a Premium Subscription with iAuditor

For a more general overview of Zapier, please see Zapier Integration with iAuditor.

Zapier WebApp: Send Email if Audit Score Below Threshold

Step 1:

Create a new Zap and pick either the “Audit Completion” or “Any Audit Completion” Trigger within iAuditor by SafetyCulture.

Step 2:

Configure and test the trigger, then click ‘Continue’

Step 3:

Choose ‘Filter by Zapier’ as the action, and select ‘Only continue if…’, then click ‘Save + Continue’

Step 4:

Configure the action to Only continue if Audit Score (%) is less than your threshold score. In this example, the threshold score is set to 50%.

Step 5:

After the filter is configured, create an action. In this example, we’ll use Gmail to send an email

Step 6:

Select a recipient, email subject, and fill in the body.  You can use audit properties from the trigger in the subject and body of the email.

Step 7:

This is an example of what the email may look like. Note that this particular audit would not have made it through the filter since the score is 100%

Step 8:

Give you Zap and name and turn it on to start receiving emails

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