Looking to automate your user and team admin work? Look no further, we now offer a full Single-sign-on  (SSO) provider system with SAML.


If you are using ADFS, there is a dedicated article for it here.

Setup and Prerequisites

  1. Locate the name of the SSO connection
  2. Note: This should be provided to you by the iAuditor team after you configure the connection. If you do not yet have this, please fill in our SSO request form, and we will reach out to you with details.
  3. Use the standard process for adding a Service Provider to your Identity Provider.
  4. To provide best-of-breed integration and security, we use Auth0 as our SSO broker, which explains the references to Auth0 in the settings below.
  5. Proceed by using the following values where required:
  6. Assertion-consumer Service URL (Application Callback URL) https://safetyculture.au.auth0.com/login/callback?connection={NAME PROVIDED BY SAFETYCULTURE}
  7. Entity ID (Audience): urn:auth0:safetyculture:{NAME PROVIDED BY SAFETYCULTURE}
  8. Single Log Out URL: not supported yet
  9. If the Identity Provider provides a choice for bindings, you should select HTTP-Redirect for Authentication Requests.
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