At times, interacting with inspection data using iAuditor Analytics might not be enough for your reporting. For such cases, business intelligence tools such as Power BI can enhance the experience greatly through the creation of rich, interactive reports with visual analytics.

This article shows you how to export your iAuditor inspection data and import it to Power BI Desktop.

Before you begin

You must have a valid Power BI license to be able to pull data from iAuditor. As the integration requires an iAuditor API token, you must also be on our Premium subscription in order to set up the integration.

If you run into any errors or have any questions regarding the integration, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Import inspection data

  1. Use the iAuditor Exporter tool to export your inspection data to CSV format.
  2. Open Power BI Desktop.
  3. Click “Get data” in the “Home” tab and select “More…”.
  4. In the pop-up window, select “CSV” and click “Connect”.
  5. This opens a directory window to your computer. Search and select the inspection CSV file, then click “Open”.
  6. Click “Load” to import the inspection data into your Power BI Desktop.
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