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Note: Integrations require access to the iAUditor API, available as part of a Premium subscription

It is possible to use Zapier to create new instances of a pre-defined “Custom Object.”  This can be useful for setting up a workflow that captures information via iAuditor and populates it within Salesforce.

We have an existing Custom Object defined in Salesforce for the purpose of this guide. It is named “Audit” and has the following fields:

With our Custom Object defined we can complete the steps below to set up a Zap, which will begin creating and populating instances of the “Audit” Custom Object in Salesforce, with the relevant information mapped from each audit in iAuditor.

Step 1

Select either the “Audit Completion” or “Any Audit Completion” Trigger available within iAuditor by SafetyCulture and click “Continue.”


Step 2

Select “Salesforce” for the next Zap step and choose the “Create Custom Object” Action and click “Continue.”


Step 3

Continue configuring the Salesforce Action and select the Custom Object Type to be populated and click “Continue.”


Step 4

Map the iAuditor template items to relevant fields within the Custom Object.

Step 5

Test the Zap within Zapier and ensure it correctly creates and populates a Custom Object in Salesforce.