In order to set-up an integration you must first connect your iAuditor account to the public api. To connect, navigate to your iAuditor web account and follow the steps to generate a unique API token. This token is used to authorize all requests you make so that you do not need to use or store your username and password in your scripts or applications.

You can either generate an API token programmatically by following the guide or from the iAuditor website.

Web app: Generate an API token

Method 1:

  1. Sign into your SafetyCulture web account
  2. Click on your name in the upper left
  3. Select “My Profile”, or sign in and click this link:
  4. You can generate an API Token at the bottom of this page by entering your SafetyCulture password in the box provided
  5. Click “Generate Token”. From here, you can copy/paste the token in the space provided.
  6. Store the token securely, it enables access to all of your inspection data. For more information, see 

Method 2:

  1. Sign into your iAuditor account on the web
  2. Click on your Organization name in the lower left-hand pane
  3. Click “Integrations” in the top left
  4. Click “Generate an API Token here”
  5. Enter your password into the prompt
  6. Your API Token is shown in green characters.

    Make sure to copy your new personal access token now. You won’t be able to see it once you close the dialogue box. Be sure to keep your API token safe.