An Item ID is the unique identifier for any field within your Inspection/Template such as a Question, a Multiple Choice field or a media (image) field. This method can also be used to get a response ID (for example, Yes or Not Applicable)

This guide will walk you through the steps to identify the specific item IDs within your Inspection/Template which can be used as part of a bespoke/custom integration or with Microsoft Flow to populate a Spreadsheet or a SQL database.

Getting Started

There are different ways for finding Item IDs. 

In general, you can retrieve the Inspection content of an Inspection conducted against a template of interest using a REST API client like ours here and inspect the content for item IDs in a text editor. We will cover this method in another guide soon.

In this guide we will show you how to inspect the template content in the Google Chrome web browser using the “Preview” feature within the Template Editor in iAuditor. A similar approach works for any type of web browser. Specifically, we will be using Google Chrome’s Developer Tools to find the Item ID of a specific question within a Template along with the corresponding response ID.

To start, login to your iAuditor Account via so we can locate the Templates/Inspections we need to look at.

Once you are in Preview mode, locate the question you are looking to find the Item ID for. To do this, right click on the field and select “Inspect” as shown below:

The Chrome Developer Tools will open and present you with the code (HTML/CSS) from the Web Page. You can use this to begin selecting specific items on the page either by hovering over/clicking parts of the HTML within the Elements tab:

Here we’ve located the “Is the car clean?” question; we can see the corresponding item ID just above the question text (item-960c98c3-74f2-458f-b121-edb818b8aede) and displayed on the Web Page itself shown in the screenshot below.

Double click the entry for the Item ID within the Elements view to be able to copy and paste the contents.

The iAuditor API and MS Flow require you to remove the “item-” prefix. You’ll only need the number reference as shown below:


The same steps can be applied to locate a specific response ID. In the below example, we’ve discovered the “Yes” response from the Elements Tab (and highlighted in the preview mode) as shown below:

You can now use the same steps to discover any Items or Responses from within your Inspection! To see the results of this being used in-conjunction with MS Flow, take a look at our “Exporting your Item & Response Data to an Excel 365 Table” guide.