It is possible to configure Zapier as an integration between iAuditor and 3rd-party cloud-based spreadsheet software. This article shows how to automatically export iAuditor Actions to Excel Online using Zapier.

Similar Zaps can be created to export iAuditor Actions to a number of other 3rd-party cloud-based applications like Google Sheets, custom emails, business intelligence tools, SharePoint, and many more!

To complete this Zap you will need:

  • Office 365 User with Microsoft Excel. Note that Microsoft automatically expires their refresh token (what Zapier uses to connect with them) if any of the following occur:
    • You change or reset your password
    • You don’t use the token for 14 days
    • It’s been 90 days

    Unfortunately, there is no way around these limitations. When the token expires, you will need to reconnect your Office 365 account to Zapier. You can do that by going to the Connected Accounts page and clicking the reconnect button next to Office365, then typing in your credentials.

  • iAuditor Premium Account and API Token
  • Existing Excel online spreadsheet with column headings created, e.g.
  • An audit completed with at least one iAuditor Action created within the audit


The first step is to register for a free or paid Zapier account. For help on getting started with Zapier, please see our Zapier Integrations article. Once you have a Zapier account, log in and select “Make A Zap!”  You’ll be taken to a blank Zap template to select a trigger app. Type in “iAuditor” in the search box.

Choose the iAuditor trigger “Action Created”:


Click “Save + Continue”. Select an iAuditor account or authenticate an account if there is no account listed. Click “Continue” to “Test this Step”. The test will only pass if the authenticated account has access to a completed audit with at least one action.

For the next Zapier action, choose Excel:


Select “Add Row” as the next Excel action:


Click “Continue”. Select an Excel Online account or authenticate an account if there is not one listed.

Once an Excel Online account is authenticated choose a folder, Spreadsheet, and Worksheet form the drop-down options. Then, select fields from the iAuditor Action trigger to fill in each column of the spreadsheet:


Click “Continue”. Test this Zapier action and check that the online Excel spreadsheet has been updated with the iAuditor Action:


If everything is set up correctly, the online Excel spreadsheet will be automatically updated as iAuditor Actions are created. Click “Finish” and give the Zap a name (upper left-hand side of the screen).