As we improve iAuditor and introduce new features, you may notice two versions of the same feature product while we transition to the new. Currently there are two versions of the Actions feature in iAuditor, and we differentiate them by names of "Legacy Actions" and "Collaborative Actions". Some organizations may still be on legacy actions in order to use the Actions API. the Legacy Actions API will remain available until we complete the API on the Collaborative version (currently in Beta).

This article outlines how you can identify which version of actions you are on, and what the differences are right now between the Legacy and Collaborative Actions API.

Legacy or Collaborative Actions?

  1. Sign-in to the iAuditor WebApp on your computer
  2. Select "Actions" from the left side menu
  3. If you see a blue button in the top right corner labeled " + Create Action" - then you are on Collaborative Actions.
Collaborative Actions


Legacy Actions

What is available in Collaborative Actions API?

The Collaborative Actions Public API is currently available as a trial release with only options for get (return), create, and search Collaborative Actions. Keep in mind during the beta period for the Collaborative Actions API, breaking changes may be made with notice when applicable.

For detailed notes of what is new, and has changed, as well as what is not yet supported on the Collaborative Actions API, please download this documentation and see the table below:

EndpointWhat is new?What has changed?Note
Get ActionsShowing the Action Title and Site information.New http:// return codes - refer to documentation linked above.Viewing the completed_at date is not yet supported.
Search ActionsExporting Action Title and Site information.Sorting results for "/actions/search" endpoint is by modified_at (legacy actions sorted by created_at date).Viewing the completed_at date is not yet supported.
Applying filters (with exception of modified_at.from and is not yet supported.
Create ActionsRequires Action Title (legacy did not have a Title attribute).N/AProviding a site_id when creating an Action is not yet supported.
Update ActionsNot yet supported in Collaborative Actions API.N/AN/A
Delete ActionsNot yet supported in Collaborative Actions API.N/AN/A


How can I get access to the Collaborative Actions Public API?

If you are on Collaborative Actions, you will have access to the Collaborative Actions Public API already.

Is there support for the iAuditor Exporter Tool?

Yes, the latest version of our Python SDK supports Collaborative Actions, click here for more information.

Can I use Zapier or Power Automate to build integrations to my applications?

Yes, for the supported capabilities outlined, including get, search, or create actions.

What is the easiest way to bulk export all my Collaborative Actions to a CSV file?

Up to 10,000 Actions can be exported at a time from the iAuditor WebApp Actions page. To export all your actions at once to CSV or set up automatic syncing of new actions to a CSV file, you can use the Python SDK.

How can I access the Collaborative Action activity such as comments and images?

Exporting comments and images from the individual actions activity feed is not yet available.

Can I access Collaborative Actions from all the users of my organization via the API?

You can access the same Actions that you see from the iAuditor WebApp or Mobile App.

Are there any rate limits to the Actions API?

We strongly advise limiting requests to less than 60 per minute. Our API will automatically reject requests made above 800 per minute.


To protect the integrity of our public API for our customers, we may block access to users who regularly make requests over the limit.

Will my existing integrations keep working if I switch from Legacy to Collaborative Actions?

If you only utilize the supported capabilities of get, search, or create actions, they will continue to work. However, you will need to modify your integrations to access the new action attributes such as title and sites.

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