This article will outline the steps to set up an iAuditor integration with DropBox and sort the files into folders by Site Name.

Log into iAuditor on the web, navigate to the Integrations page, locate and select the DropBox section and select Use this Zap.

A new window will appear prompting you to log into your Zapier account. Once you have logged in you will be given the pre-built template for this integration with all the necessary Triggers and Actions, we will just need to fill in the correct information.

Trigger 1: Audit Completion

Select Continue on the Audit Completion trigger, select your iAuditor account. If you have not connected your iAuditor account yet, select Connect an Account which will open another window prompting you to enter your API token. Please see reference How to Generate an API token if required. Once your account has been select hit Save + Continue.

Select the Template from the drop menu and select Continue.


Action 1: Prepare Audit Report

Select Continue, again search and select your iAuditor account and select Continue.

Now you can configure the report to be generated, ensure Audit ID is populated with the Audit ID from step 1 and Select PDF from the Document Type drop menu.

You can also select the Export Profile or Timezone to be used in the report if required.

Action 2: Delay By Zapier

Next, you will configure a delay to allow iAuditor time to generate the PDF report.

Select continue, we recommend leaving the default values of 10 minutes as large inspections can time some time to generate a PDF. Select Continue.

Action 3: Get Audit Report

This action we will retrieve the report generated in Action 1.

Select your iAuditor account and select Save + Continue.

Ensure the export configuration is set up as below with the Audit ID from Step 1 and the Export Task ID from Step 2.

Action 4: Upload File to Dropbox

Note: Please ensure your Dropbox contains folders named as your iAuditor Sites Names before continuing.

This step we will configure where the report gets saved to.

Select your Dropbox account from the list, or if you have not already connected your account select Connect an Account. A window will appear which will prompt you to enter your Dropbox credentials and agree to give Zapier access to your account. Once done select Save + Continue.

The next page is where you will configure which folder your report will be saved in and the name of the file. Under the Folder field select Use a Custom Value (advanced).

A new field will appear, from the drop menu select Audit Completion and then below that select Audit Data Site Name.

Below that the File field will need to be populated with the file from Step 4.

Under Specify File Name, select the Inspection data from the drop menu which you would like contained within the file name.

Select Continue, test the save to Dropbox if required and then select Finish.