It can be important for managers or supervisors to review an inspection under a certain score immediately, rather than rely on users to send these reports manually. Using Zapier, an integration can be set up to automate the process and notify the right people, at the right time. This article outlines the steps to automatically send emails when an inspection score falls below a certain threshold using Zapier.


  1. iAuditor Premium subscription
  2. iAuditor API Token
  3. Zapier subscription (for Multi-Step Zaps)
  4. Gmail account

Steps to setup your Zap

Each Zap is set up using a single trigger and a series of actions. A trigger in Zapier is the event that causes particular results and an action is the process that is the result of the trigger.

In this setup we will define the initial trigger as inspection (audit) completion, followed by a filter that only proceeds if the inspection score falls below a threshold. At that threshold, the Zap sends emails using contents from the inspection dynamically.

Trigger: 1. Audit Completion in iAuditor by SafetyCulture

  1. Setup or sign-in to your Zapier account
  2. Select “Make a Zap!” (+ icon) in the upper left-hand corner
  3. Step 1 prompts you to input a “Trigger” app
  4. Search for iAuditor and select “iAuditor by SafetyCulture”
  5. You have two options for triggering the Zap: (1) Any Audit Completion, or (2) Audit Completion
  6. Choose “Any Audit Completion” if you want the Zap to trigger whenever an inspection is completed, regardless of the template
    OR select “Audit Completion” if you wish for the trigger to come from a specific template’s completed inspections
  7. If this is your first Zap with iAuditor, you will need to “+ Add a New Account” by providing your API token. Otherwise, select your iAuditor account from the page and click “CONTINUE”
  8. If you selected “Audit Completion” based on template in step 6 above, select the template name from the drop-down list to specify which template’s corresponding inspection results will trigger the Zap, and click "CONTINUE"

    Only the 20 most recently modified templates are shown, if your desired template is not shown, make a small modification in the template editor and refresh the Zapier dropdown list for the template.

  9. For the Zap to function, you will need to make sure that there is at least one recent inspection completed, and from the template selected if applicable. Click “TEST & CONTINUE” to retrieve this recently completed inspection, if the test is successful you will be notified and can continue to the next step

Action: 2. Only continue if...

  1. With the trigger of inspection step complete, it is time to configure the following Action
  2. Search and select "Filter by Zapier", then "Continue"
  3. Click the box on the left for the dropdown menu
  4. Search and select "Audit Score (%)" under Step 1
  5. Click the box in the middle for the drop-down menu
  6. Search and select "(Number) Less than"
  7. Input the score threshold you wish to set
  8. Select "Done editing"
  9. Continue by clicking the + icon to add a new step

Action: 3. Send Email in Gmail

  1. Search and select "Gmail"
  2. Choose "Send Email" as the Action Event, then "Continue"
  3. If this is your first Zap with Gmail, you will need to “+ Add a New Account” with your login credentials
    Otherwise, select your Gmail account from the page and click “Continue”
  4. Customize the email accordingly - items and responses from the inspection can be used in the email body dynamically

    You must complete all required fields in this step.

  5. Click “Continue”
  6. Select "TEST & CONTINUE" to test the Zap
  7. Name your Zap (on the top left corner)
  8. Toggle on your Zap (on the top right corner)
  9. The recipients will now start receiving emails for inspection reports below the score threshold
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