A Zap can be configured to automatically email a spreadsheet to any number of recipients.

This document picks up where Exporting audit data to an online spreadsheet using Zapier left off, with a SafetyCulture → Google Sheets, Zap configured.

Zap Structure


I trigger is what initiates the Workflow.
Any trigger can be used, however, customers will generally want a spreadsheet of audits emailed on a regular basis.

Alternative options may include a trigger when an audit is completed with filters to detect any failed items.

The example on the right is configured so that this Zap triggers each week at a specified time on a specified day.


Selecting a spreadsheet will depend on where it is being housed (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc).

In the example on the to the right, we have configured the search step to look up a file by filename in Google Drive (the folder it is housed in can be specified)

This step makes the file available to be used as an attachment in the next step.

Action - Send the Email

A number of different email services can be used to send an email with the spreadsheet attached.

Email by Zapier has been used for this example.

A number of options exist that will be useful for customers, such as specifying recipients, Sender Name, Reply-To, CC's, BCC's, Subject and more.

Under the Attachments field, the spreadsheet 'file' that was found in the search step, must be selected. Google Sheets allows more than one option for the 'file' allowing for different export formats.


End Result

After testing and saving this Zap, a similar email should be received, depending on your configuration:


  • Unable to refine the spreadsheet to only provide a slice of rows. Users will receive the full spreadsheet each time.
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