At iAuditor, we want to help frontline workers simplify the way they conduct inspections with a mobile solution, as well as help raise awareness by providing visibility over previous inspections whilst conducting one. In the iAuditor mobile app, users can view historical responses for inspections conducted using the same template and at the same site, to identify areas that may need more attention due to historical trends and keep track of recurring failures in the organization.

This article shows you how to view historical multiple-choice responses during inspections on the mobile app.

Before you begin

Please note that only multiple-choice questions are supported for this feature. Also, your organization must be actively using the Sites feature for inspections in order to view historical responses during inspections.

Once the criteria are met, you will be able to see historical responses for each supported question during inspections, identifiable by the icon below.

Historical failures image - Failures

The feature captures the 5 most recently completed inspections that you have access to, conducted from the same template and the same site. If a question has received failed responses in the 5 recent inspections, the “Failure(s)” button would be highlighted red and display the number of failed responses selected. Check out how you can set multiple-choice failed responses in your templates.

You can tap on “Failure(s)” to see the following information for each inspection:

  • The selected response.
  • The date and time the response was selected.
  • Whether the selected response was a failed response or not.

View historical multiple-choice responses

  1. Log in to iAuditor on your mobile device.
  2. Start a new or edit an existing inspection.
  3. Make sure the site is selected for the inspection.
  4. For each multiple-choice question, tap “Failure(s)” to view the historical responses. You can tap on each historical response to view the inspection report.
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