Administrators can view the history of the responses in their inspections, who made each change, and when it was made. This functionality provides the ability for an administrator to have an audit trail of all the changes undertaken in the history of their inspections. This means they can ensure the right people have provided answers at the right time and that these answers haven’t been modified, changed or falsified.

Viewing Inspection History

  1. From the iAuditor web app, navigate to the “inspections” menu
  2. Hover over the inspection you wish to view history for, and click the dark blue “View History” button
  3. In the Inspection History screen, it displays the added, modified and removed properties of the inspection undertaken over time.
  4. Inspection History shows any addition, removal or change to all supported fields.

Supported Field Types

  1. Questions / multiple choice responses
  2. Text / numbers fields
  3. The value stored in any temperature field.
  4. Media in media fields.
  5. Location (whether by GPS or manual entry) on a location field.
  6. Date or time on any datetime field.
  7. Signature, name or date on a signature field.
  8. Checkbox fields
  9. Media and notes on supported field types


  1. The ability to show added or modified actions attached to an inspection
  2. The ability to load modifications to inspections before June 10th 2018. Inspections which have no history which can be viewed will display the following message: “Historical data unavailable”¬†
  3. Inspections with partial history will display the following message: “Warning, history for this inspection may be missing. Any changes made before the 10th of Jun 2018 are not available”
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