Collaborative actions let you and your team spot issues and correct them as a group. You can highlight when something needs to be fixed as you’re walking through an inspection, or create standalone actions for your team at any time. Each action has a chat built in, where your team members can add photo evidence or write comments, with an inbuilt timestamp. This gives you unparalleled visibility into issues as they arise, and as they are solved.

Please note that there are a few in the old actions experience that aren’t yet available in collaborative actions – but they will be soon! These are:

  • The ability to create and delete actions on web
  • Lesser used filters of creator, date & priority (but you can already filter by status, site and assignee)

Create an action in an inspection

  1. Begin an inspection from a template in iAuditor.
  2. Identify the question that requires an action
  3. Press the “Action” option under the question

  4. Type a meaningful title that outlines what needs to be done
  5. Add a description to the action, and remind your team members to include evidence
  6. Add a site to the action (if relevant)
  7. Add an assignee for the action, or person in your team who should complete the action. This can also be an email address to assign an action to someone who is not a user of iAuditor, though they’ll only be able to mark when the action is complete (they can’t add evidence or comments)
  8. Assign the action a priority level
  9. Set the deadline for the action
  10. Press “Create Action”
  11. The assignee will receive a notification from the iAuditor app, and an email, letting them know they have an action.
  12. The action will appear in the actions list of all team members with access to the inspection that the action was generated from
  13. All team members with view access to the inspection that the action was generated from can go to the “Activity” tab to view. Team members who have edit access to the inspection can comment or add photos from either the mobile or web app.

Create a standalone action

  1. Go to the “Actions” tab in your iAuditor app, and click “+ Create Action”.

  2. Complete steps 4-10 from creating actions in an inspection (above), as show below.
  3. The assignee will receive a notification from the iAuditor app, and an email, letting them know they have an action.
  4. The action will appear in the list for all members of the organization.
  5. All team members can view, comment or add photos, including the assignee, from either the mobile or web app

Important FAQs

Who can see and edit actions created in an inspection?

You can assign actions to anyone in your org (plus to external assignees). If someone is assigned an action and has view/edit access to the inspection, then they can click through to the inspection from the action. If someone is assigned an action and does not have edit/view actions to the inspection, then they can see the inspection and question from which it came from, but not click through to the inspection.

Who can see actions that are not connected to an inspection?

Regardless of who its assigned to, the entire team will be able to view, edit, and act on standalone actions. This is to encourage collaboration among team members. The future roadmap includes the ability to assign some sharing settings to actions, and is expected in April of 2019.

What happens to an action once it’s completed?

It stays in your list! We want customers to be able to view and monitor the history of their actions, including those that have been marked as complete. This means that if the action was not completed as expected it can be easily reactivated and reassigned. The standalone actions view will soon include the option to filter by “status” which will allow customers to limit their view and exclude completed actions.

Can I create and delete actions in the webapp?

Not yet! We’re working on it now, and expect to deliver the ability to create and delete an action on the webapp soon. You’ll be able to bulk delete up to 100 actions at once. 

Can I send actions to people outside of my organization who don’t use iAuditor?

Yes you can! To assign actions to external assignees, just enter their email address in the recipient field. They will receive an email that specifies what the action is, and allows them to mark when it’s done, without having to download iAuditor or create an account. They won’t be able to add comments or evidence unless they join as an iAuditor user. 

Can I filter by creator, date or priority?

Not yet! At this stage, we’ve just built filters for site, status and assignee. However, you can sort by creator, date and priority until we’ve finished working on the filters. 

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