Occasionally a user may have difficulty sending an inspection report – issues sending reports can be caused by a variety of factors, and the most common problems are listed below:

  1. Exceeding Attachment File Size Limits
  2. Misconfigured E-mail Settings
  3. Device Restrictions/Corporate Network Restrictions

Tapping “Send” when exporting the inspection report passes control to the Mail application on your device. So if there is an issue with sending email the first thing to check is whether you can send e-mail normally through your mail app.

If you cannot send email, you should contact your email provider for further troubleshooting. Otherwise, read on for common problem scenarios:

Attachment File Size Limits

All e-mail providers impose an attachment size limit. Inspections exported from iAuditor can easily exceed these limits, especially when images are added.

Reducing Audit Size

You can reduce your audit report file size by compressing your media, or by omitting media from your exported reports. The steps to do this are available in our how-to guide.

Device Restrictions

Device restrictions are common in corporate environments. Software such as Apple’s Mobile Device Manager (MDM) is used to centrally manage and configure devices for employee use. Please check with your IT department about this as MDM will need to be set to allow iAuditor access to mail accounts.

iAuditor shows “No e-mail accounts being configured” or “No default e-mail account available” when MDM restrictions are preventing access.


Similar Software. There are many enterprise deployment tools available that iAuditor does not work with. Support will be implemented for the most common of these (GOOD, Citrix, etc) at a later date.

Misconfigured E-mail Settings

Misconfigured e-mail settings are when your e-mail address is set up incorrectly for your device. Please contact your mail provider for help with this or your internal IT department.