Templates in iAuditor

Creating a standardized template means that all your inspectors will see the same questions and instructions. Our templates let you choose what type of response each question should have, plus u set up what completed inspection reports should look like and who they should go to.

What are you looking to do?

Inspection “templates” are the foundation of your iAuditor account. You use these to construct the elements you need to include in your iAuditor checklist. As an iAuditor newbie, the template should be one of the first things you create. In the paper world, your “template” would be the blank piece of paper with all the questions, your “inspection” would then be the completed form. You have several options for creating a template, which statement best describes you?

  1. I have a PDF, word or excel checklist I want to upload: Try our smart scan feature. Simply scan and your checklist will be automatically uploaded to our system. 
  2. I’m unsure where to start: Search for a key term and download a checklist from our public library and customize it on your account.
  3. I want to create a masterpiece from scratch: No problem, check out our full-featured template builder on the web app (below).

Web app: Create a template

  1. Go to the “Templates” tab in the web app, and click “New Template” in the top right corner
  2. Choose whether you want to create a brand new template, or upload an existing PDF, Excel or Word document that we’ll Smart Scan and convert into questions for you.
  3. Add questions, categories and logic by clicking the buttons on the left 
  4. Change question response types from the drop down menu, or create your own multiple choice response sets.
  5. Once you’ve built your inspection, create preferences to set up what reports generated from this template will show/hide, and who they should be emailed to when completed in the mobile app.

Next up: Share reports with others

Need more info? Here are a few other resources you can try:

  1. The Template Editor – All that you need to know!
  2. Setting up report preferences
  3. We have real people ready to help you 24/5 – get in touch