Generate an Inspection Report

Correct reporting is mission critical when it comes to inspections. With iAuditor, you can generate shareable reports in pre-set formats, both as a web report and as a PDF, and identify who they should go to so the right information goes to the right place every time.


  1. Complete an inspection, or go into a completed inspection in your inspections list (make sure you’re in “In progress & Complete” at the top of the inspections tab).
  2. Press “View & Download Report”.
  3. From here you can apply preferences or filters to your report, to select what information to show/hide in the report. For example, you might want to hide unanswered questions.
  4. Press the three dots at the top right of your screen.
  5. Choose whether you want to share a link to the web report, email a PDF as an attachment, or download the PDF.

Web app

  1. Complete an inspection, or click on a complete inspection in your inspections list.
  2. Apply preferences or filters, found in the top left corner of the screen, to your report to select what information to show/hide in the report.
  3. Choose to download the PDF, or copy the link to the web report.
  4. Open your email (or other) app, and attach the PDF or paste the link and send away.

Need more info?

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