Completed Audits and Reports


Reports are generated when an inspection has been conducted.

Export a report

Once an inspection is completed by using iAuditor, a shareable report can be exported in various formats. Read more about export formats here.

You can view your inspection results in 3 ways:

Export a report from the iAuditor app or SafetyCulture web platform.

Email and share reports via email or send it straight to dropbox for safe keeping.

View the results in the analytics dashboard within SafetyCulture, the web platform

See all your inspection data at a glance for easy monitoring of key metrics. Track progress and productivity all in the one place.

Download your data by CSV or transfer it into a third-party business system

For more advanced data use, you can easily export your inspection data to other business tools using our API, available on a Premium plan. Build critical connectivity and achieve a seamless end-to-end inspection program. See our API section for more detail.

See our Analytics section for more information on what data you can collect for your business.