SafetyCulture is a software platform that is used by the world’s leading businesses to manage their inspection process to improve safety and quality. iAuditor is the mobile companion app to the web platform. If you’re new to SafetyCulture and iAuditor, this training guide will help you get started or simply refresh your memory. For how-to guides you can visit our Support Site. If you haven’t created a SafetyCulture account yet, you can sign up here.

By using SafetyCulture

  • 83% of customers resolve workplace risks faster
  • 85% report an increase in team accountability
  • 60% say using iAuditor and SafetyCulture has made their workplace safer

Follow each of the six guides to learn how using SafetyCulture can benefit your business.

What is SafetyCulture and iAuditor

In a nutshell, SafetyCulture; the analytics and management platform and iAuditor; the mobile inspection app allows you to:

  • Create customisable digital checklists
  • Conduct inspections from a mobile device
  • Generate professional-looking reports in web format, PDF, Excel, Word
  • Automatically capture audit data trends and analytics
  • Manage a team of auditors and track areas that need improving

The web platform

The product we offer consists of a web platform and a mobile auditing app. The two work together to power-up your inspection process. Companies typically use our product to 1) transform from paper to digital, or 2) get better insights from data to improve areas of their business or see what is failing.
SafetyCulture, the web platform is the management tool where you can create templates (we recommend building them on a desktop computer), share templates, check on audit data, manage a team of auditors, assign and oversee action tasks, customise your branding, and monitor and generate reports from the analytics section. In addition this is where you access all your billing information.

To summarise, we recommend using the web platform for:

  • Creating digital templates using our guide
  • Adding team members and assigning their permission level
  • Creating, assigning and managing action tasks
  • Looking at failed areas and overall analytics to see how your business is performing

How to access: Login to your SafetyCulture account on a desktop computer.


We recommend building templates on the SafetyCulture platform due to its ease of use.

iAuditor the inspection app

iAuditor is the mobile inspection app, designed to put in the hands of any worker to conduct audits. Your SafetyCulture account and the iAuditor app work together seamlessly. The app allows you to conduct audits, change a template on the spot, and collect valuable data to analyse at a later date in the SafetyCulture web platform.

Without a SafetyCulture account, the audit data collected will only exist on that particular device. In order to analyse and view your inspection results in the web platform, you can backup your data through a process called “syncing.” After syncing your device, the data appears in your SafetyCulture account and automatically populates in the analytics section.

iAuditor is the tool you deploy to a team of people to collect data and conduct inspections on everything from workplace audits to equipment checks, to walk-throughs and more.

How to access: Open the iAuditor app on a mobile device.

Visit our case studies to learn more about how global companies are using SafetyCulture.

Choosing a plan

Here’s a helpful overview of the SafetyCulture plans, including the plan-specific features. By default, you’ll be on a Free plan when you first sign up, but you can upgrade at any time. Pricing information can be found on our Pricing page.

Free plan

The free plan is best for individual users. Are you the only person inspecting? If you don’t need to share templates or inspection data, then the Free plan will suit you.

  • SafetyCulture iAuditor app for iOS, Android or Windows
  • Digital form template creation and editing
  • Upload and download up to 10MB per month
  • Offline access
  • Access to SafetyCulture Public Library
  • Export reports in PDF

Premium plan

The Premium plan is for companies who really want to use their data to its full potential. It’s ideal for larger companies who want the full spectrum of what’s on offer like: corrective actions, access to integrations via the API so you can link 3rd party business apps, greater admin control, and online training of our software.

Features include:

  • Unlimited data upload and download per month
  • Create and assign corrective actions to your team
  • Instant notifications during inspections
  • Permissions management
  • Manage your own private library of inspection templates and reports
  • Private data sharing
  • Access to Analytics
  • Support via email and chat
  • API access for integrations
  • Enhanced admin control of users within your organisation
  • Customisable branding for application interface
  • Streamline responses on templates for better data collection
  • Export formats incl. .Doc, .CSV .JSON and .XML

Learn how to build your first template by visiting our Templates guide.

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