So you’re new to iAuditor?

Welcome, you chose well! iAuditor can be your “pocket partner” for all things quality and safety moving forward so let’s get started.


5 steps to success

  1. Download the app and visit the web: You might have already downloaded the mobile app, and viewed the web app – if not, check them out. They’re very similar experiences, and allow you to do many of the same tasks. The mobile app is great for conducting inspections and taking pictures, while the web app is best used for managing a team of inspectors and creating your forms.
  2. Create your template: Speaking of forms, the foundation of your account is based on creating a checklist or “template” in iAuditor.
  3. Share your checklist with the rest of the team: Have others that need to perform this inspection? iAuditor is best used with a team – with a single click (or tap) you can add your teammates and setup sharing to give them access to the checklist.
  4. Try out your inspection and collect results: Once you’ve created a template you and your team can start conducting inspections. Once your team performs an inspection, you can automatically share the results back to your account (or other admins) and immediately receive and review reports.
  5. Gather meaningful insights from your data: Results are captured, and pooled together to become useful data that helps you review trends in analytics, or create visualizations in your own tools using integrations.

You’re done with the big stuff, what now?

  1. Choose a plan that works for you and your team: Unsure of which plan suits you best? Check out all the details here.
  2. Keep going: Quality and safety in the workplace is a massive task that’s certainly not easy to tackle. Our most successful customers use a small, meaningful “quick check” to collect as much relevant data as possible. See how others are doing it now.
  3. Share the love, tell your colleagues: Many of our customers discover that there are other use cases for iAuditor in their organisation outside of the initial one. If iAuditor is helping you do your job well, imagine how it can help others – share the love!
  4. Stay in the loop: Want to know what’s coming up for iAuditor, or simply looking for a quick answer? There’s too much to worry about in life, so bookmark our support center and you’ll always know what’s happening and where to go (…at least with iAuditor).