Using our analytics section of the SafetyCulture web app, you can view overall performance, pinpoint issues, spot trends and take proactive measures. SafetyCulture and iAuditor are the perfect duo. You won’t get the full benefit out of our software unless you use the two together.

Using the analytics sorting filters, the overview dashboard summarises inspection data based on:

  • Number of inspections conducted
  • Average inspection performance scores
  • Breakdown of responses across inspections
  • Inspection information by location
  • Reports of failed items and responses with details on lowest scoring inspections with the most failed items
  • Inspection activity from team members

Analytics explained

The overview dashboards are linked to detailed reports, so you can drill down into the audit data to gain further insights.

You can save the most relevant charts and graphs by bookmarking widgets for easy navigation when you next login. Share information by exporting widgets and sending them to your team.

Set the threshold of scores to display in different colors making them easy to spot. For example an audit with the score of <25% to be displayed in red, 25%-75% displayed in orange, and >75% displayed in green.

For more information about analytics, read our Analytics in-depth guide.

Failed items

Using failed responses is crucial for your business. This is a powerful tool to provide you with detailed information around areas of failure in your business. Read about failed responses.

Integrations and the API

On the SafetyCulture premium plan, you can easily integrate with popular applications, automating workflows like exporting inspection data and audit reports in different formats. This helps you create a seamless end-to-end inspection program.

With SafetyCulture integrations you can for example:

  • Automatically export data into spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets)
  • Automatically save audit reports (PDF/Word/CSV) to cloud storage (SharePoint, DropBox, Google Drive and more)
  • Import data into your inspections
  • Automate workflows like sharing and archiving audits
  • Trigger custom actions on failed inspection responses
  • Send emails if a score falls below a certain percentage