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iAuditor getting started guide

Take-off with iAuditor

Getting started

Every great hero needs a sidekick. So welcome, you've chosen wisely! iAuditor can be your second in command for all things quality, safety, and operations moving forward. Let's start raising your game, champion.

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Ask the right questions

Data entry and pushing paper are things of the past, let iAuditor do it for you. Recreate all of your processes in iAuditor as a template. Then, choose which of these three options work best for you!

Know what's happening, always

Following if and when things are happening is difficult, but iAuditor can shoulder that burden for you. Instantly create a report from your mobile or the web, and send them in a flash.

Everyone on the same page

Operational excellence, including safety and quality, is a team effort. It's too important for someone to manage alone. Never work alone with iAudior. Collaborate with your team 24/7 from anywhere your job takes you.

Raise and respond rapidly

Simplify the way your team reports issues so that anyone can say something, be heard by the right person right away, and action can be taken with confidence.

Turn issues into actions

Ensuring your team is aware of something after it happens is too late. Make the most of the information you capture by monitoring improvement and resolution metrics using actions.

Measure trends, analyze what's working

Understand how to focus your team's efforts by monitoring trends, progression, and performance in iAuditor analytics.

Live online iAuditor webinars

Learn to take full advantage of all iAuditor has to offer and get your questions answered. Sign up for a free webinar to start learning.

Template building basics

Valuable analytics begins with quality data collection. Join this session to learn how you help your team collect the information that is important to you with meaningful templates.

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Setting up your organization

Getting the right data in your team’s hands at the right time is crucial. Learn about sharing iAuditor templates and inspection results, groups, permissions, and everything you need to make your data flow in iAuditor.

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iAuditor Analytics

Are you using iAuditor analytics to the fullest? Dive into the functionality of iAuditor analytics and reporting and discuss the insights you could be leveraging.

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Get started with videos!

#1 - Build an inspection template

#2 - Conduct an inspection

#3 - Give team members template access

#4 - Create and resolve actions

Everything's running smooth, but I'm ready to step up my game

If you're looking to take iAuditor to the next level with your teams, here are a few options our customers have championed in their organizations.

Stay in the loop

There's too much to worry about in life, bookmark our Support Center, and you'll always know what's happening (…at least with iAuditor).

Find your plan

Choose a subscription tier that works for you and your team. Check out all the details on our pricing page.

Informed business insights

Take your initiatives to greater heights using integrations. Connect with BI tools, internal systems, or anything. The options are endless with our open API.

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