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Enable Push Notifications

  • System/Technical Support

In order to enable push notifications see related article for your device type. iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201925 Android: https://support.google.com/android/answer/9079661?hl=en Windows: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/set-push-notifications-65556daf-a9ba-493d-b6b8-236d823321e9

SafetyCulture and GDPR

  • System/Technical Support

SafetyCulture and GDPR Set to take effect on 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) overhauls and harmonises the approach to data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU). SafetyCulture treats the protection of customer data as one of its highest priorities and we have our GDPR compliance program...

Third-party service providers in iAuditor

  • System/Technical Support

Third-Party service providers To make improvements to our product, from time to time we may use third-party service providers and tools to collect, process and store information about our website and use of our services. In general, the third-party providers used by us will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary...

How To Set Up Scheduling

  • Analytics
  • Auditing
  • Reports
  • System/Technical Support
  • Templates

Scheduling lets managers have confidence that inspections are being completed on time, as required.  Schedules have a “start at” and “complete by” (due) time that define a time window in which a scheduled inspection may be completed before being considered missed.   Team members and groups can be assigned a recurring schedule of inspections to...

ADFS setup for Single Sign On

  • Integrations
  • Single Sign On
  • System/Technical Support

iAuditor supports Single Sign On (SSO) with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). To access this capability you must have enabled Single Sign On for your organisation by contacting us. The simplest way to setup SSO with ADFS is using WS-Federation  where iAuditor is the service provider (SP-initiated SSO). In this scenario, users visit the iAuditor...

How Do I Use the Temperature Field?

  • Auditing
  • System/Technical Support
  • Templates

iAuditor allows you to collect data in a variety of ways, including temperature-specific data. This simple field is very useful for noting temperatures at given times and provides a specific place for this information.  Instead of relying on a text field, you can now designate the Temperature field to gather this data.   Connecting your...

Installation Options for iAuditor Windows 10

  • System/Technical Support

iAuditor has expanded across both of the major mobile operating systems and is now available on Windows 10 Mobile.  But how should you set it up?  Below we have three separate methods and a step-by-step guide for each. Installation Options for iAuditor Windows 10 #1 Install from Windows Store This is the easiest way to get...

Sync a Device

  • System/Technical Support

Syncing transfers data between the iAuditor mobile app and the iAuditor website (our cloud servers) and allows you to backup your data. While the iAuditor mobile app will automatically sync on its own when connected to the internet, you can also manually sync data from the mobile app too. This page will show the steps...

Syncing Options

  • System/Technical Support

With the syncing options available, you can control when and how you access your data: Save space on the device by storing inspections online (your iAuditor account) and only downloading it to the device when needed (On-Demand Syncing). Choose which inspections are synced to the device based on a time period (Restrictive Syncing). Store all audits on the...

Sync Conflicts

  • System/Technical Support

Sync conflicts occur when you attempt to edit a template/inspection at the same time on more than one device. In this scenario, both the iAuditor website and iAuditor mobile app are not able to determine which version of the template/inspection is the correct one. When a sync conflict occurs, the iAuditor mobile app will show a...

Linking a Storage App

  • System/Technical Support

Linking a Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive Account There are many different services available for storing your audit data to a private account on the Cloud.  Sending your reports into a third-party file storage app like DropBox, OneDrive and Google Drive is easy, and you can send your PDF’s or CSV’s into storage. Register and...

Language Settings

  • System/Technical Support

iAuditor has the ability to display in the general language used by a mobile device. iOS iAuditor will be set to the language predefined by the device. This can be changed by navigating to the device’s settings app and tapping on General, Language & Region and iPad/iPhone Language. Alternatively, the language can be changed in iAuditor’s Settings Menu....

Whitelisting and Network Security

  • System/Technical Support

Firewall and Filtering Configuration A number of URLs used by iAuditor on different platforms (Web, iOS, Android, Windows) need to be accessible via your company’s firewall. Download PDF Proxy or VPN Configuration If your network requires a proxy or VPN configuration, you will need to establish the details for this from your IT department and configure...

Mobile and Web Browser Support

  • System/Technical Support

Supported Mobile Devices and OS versions Google Android Minimum: Android 5.0 Recommended: Android 8.0 and up Recommended Phones: Samsung Galaxy S9, Pixel 2 Recommended Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Apple iOS Minimum: iOS 10.0 Recommended: iOS 11.0 and up Recommended Phones: iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and above. Recommended Tablets: iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4...

Sending Diagnostic Data – iAuditor

  • System/Technical Support

While using iAuditor, it may become necessary to contact our Support team to assist with a technical issue.  By sending a diagnostic log from your mobile device, you provide our team with valuable data, as well as a roadmap for how iAuditor is working with your device. The information included in your diagnostic data is limited to:...

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