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Sensors Self-Service Setup

  • Sensors

To begin the set up of your gateway and sensors visit app.safetyculture.io/sensors/setup or click the ‘add device’ button on your sensor dashboard within iAuditor. Before getting started, we recommend that you set aside 10-15 minutes to complete this process in full, however, you do have the ability to set up your gateway and then return...

Sensor alerts 

  • Sensors

Remove manual checks and reduce wastage with affordable temperature and humidity sensors. When temperature or humidity goes out of a safe range, you’ll be alerted in iAuditor and via SMS or email. The sensor alerts feature immediately contacts you when your sensor detects temperatures outside of the temperature settings you select when you create the...

Getting Started with Sensors

  • Sensors

How do I become a new Sensors customer? Contact our iAuditor support team and we’re happy to get you in touch with a member of the sensors team.   How do I setup alerts for my sensor? Alerts can be created for temperature thresholds, and setup to send via SMS and/or email. To set up alerts...

Sensor Management FAQ

  • Sensors

Sensor Management FAQ How do I set up alerts for my sensors? See the step-by-step guide for setting up alerts. If you have any trouble, please feel free to reach out to our iAuditor support team.  How many messages do I receive if an alert is triggered? You can receive up to three messages spaced...

Common Sensor Questions

  • Sensors

What do I do if I cannot get my sensor to connect to the gateway? First, attempt to move the sensor or gateway closer to one another. If the issue does not resolve, double check that each step in the setup instructions is complete (e.g. antennas screwed in, switches on). If you’re still experiencing connection issues,...