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How to export inspection reports to PDF and Word

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Correct reporting is mission-critical when it comes to inspections. With iAuditor, you can generate professional reports from you and your team’s inspections on the web app and on the mobile app. This can be extremely handy when you need to generate and send reports on the spot, immediately after completing your inspections. This article shows...

Inspection CSV export column header guide

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The CSV export option allows users to export up to 10,000 inspections in bulk, from either single or multiple templates. This can be very useful if you want to perform a "data dump" of your organization's inspection data, or simply wish to assess results in bulk. As you would be working with raw data when...

How to customize inspection reports with Report Preferences

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Inspection reports are the gateways to your daily activities and results, so it’s important to present them appropriately and only display information that is most relevant. We understand that in most scenarios, you may need to send reports to different cohorts of people. Some internal and some external. Meaning the information you can include in...

How to share inspection reports with web links

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Take paperless to the next level by sharing your inspection reports with web links! Unlike PDF, Word, and CSV exports, which capture the report details at the time of the exporting, the web report link feature provides a real-time view of inspection reports. Meaning any updates made to inspections are reflected on the web report...

Export Profiles

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Export profiles allow the formatting and appearance of completed inspections to be customized. An export profile can be created and attached to a specific template so that when inspections are conducted from that template, the reports will be uniform. This is useful when working in teams to help keep reports uniform and also reduce the number of...

How to add and replace inspection report logos

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Logos are an important piece for achieving success at businesses and organizations. They are the symbol that team members, customers, or stakeholders use to recognize your brand and to connect memories with the services you provide. In iAuditor, you can set up your inspection reports with logos, so that professional reports can be generated and...

Export profile: Email Options

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Email Options within the Export Profiles settings allows you to default email addresses and customize the subject line and body of the emails that are sent whenever an audit report is exported and emailed. The available Email Options are: Default email addresses: To, CC, BCC Subject Email Body: Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line...

How to bulk export inspections

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We understand that from time to time, you may need to export your organization’s inspections in bulk to be imported into another platform for analysis or simply for recordkeeping. With iAuditor, you can bulk export your inspection data in all available formats, at any time! This article shows you how to bulk export inspection reports...

Reduce the file size of reports

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Reports generated using iAuditor will be full of useful data and images. The more images in your reports the larger the file size will be when you go to export it.  This can increase to the size where your email client may not be able to send it. The vast majority of email clients and email...