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Results for Inspections

Setting inspection title format

  • Inspections

As more and more inspections are conducted from different templates, you may want to customize the naming conventions and use the unique responses from your inspections as part of the title, so to help distinguish them apart. Here are the steps on how to set it up in the template editor via the WebApp: Inspection...

Archive and delete inspections

  • Inspections

If you are looking to archive inspections that are no longer needed, or delete inspections that were created by mistake, you can do so from both the WebApp and Mobile App. Archived inspections do not sync and are not accessible from the iAuditor App. When an inspection is archived, it is sorted into an archive...

Duplicate or Copy Templates and Inspections

  • Inspections
  • Templates

If you’re looking to use a similar format for the next inspection you build, or simply looking to copy the results on an inspection use iAuditor’s duplicate function. Duplicating Templates To duplicate a template, first navigate to the “Templates” menu. Select the Templates you wish to duplicate by clicking the checkbox next to each one...

Inspection History

  • Inspections

Users can view the history of the inspection responses, who made each change, and when it was made. This functionality provides the ability for users to have an audit trail of all the changes undertaken in the inspections they can see. This means they can ensure the right people have provided answers at the right...

Create and manage sites

  • Inspections

As the manager or operator of multiple teams that span dozens, maybe even hundreds, of different physical locations, one of the most vital facets of your job is to understand, analyze, and compare the performances of each of those locations. Add your sites to gather better inspection insights within your organization. Intelligent insights at the...

Set Up Scheduling

  • Inspections

Scheduling lets managers have confidence that inspections are being completed on time, as required.  Schedules have a “start at” and “complete by” (due) time that defines a time window in which a scheduled inspection may be completed before being considered missing. Team members and groups can be assigned a recurring schedule of inspections to be...

Capture Temperatures with BlueTooth Thermometer

  • Inspections
  • System/Technical Support
  • Templates

iAuditor allows you to collect data in a variety of ways, including temperature-specific data. This simple field is very useful for noting temperatures at given times and provides a specific place for this information.  Instead of relying on a text field, you can now designate the Temperature field to gather this data. Capture Temperatures with...

Why Are My Export Profile Changes Not Being Reflected on My Inspection?

  • Inspections

If you have different needs for reports based on who they’re going to, then Export Profiles are already extremely useful for you.  But what if your customers need their reports to change – or need sections to appear/disappear? Export profiles can be changed to customise your reports’ appearance when needed. Why Update an Export Profile?...

Start an Inspection

  • Inspections

As one of the main functions of iAuditor, conducting an inspection can be anything – ensuring your team is prepared with the latest updates on safety in your location to following a checklist before a fleet vehicle enters service,. Look below for more information on conducting an inspection. Ready to export your inspection? See more...

Failed Responses

  • Analytics
  • Inspections
  • Templates

Failed Responses from an iAuditor template allow you to track areas of interest (risks, standards, etc.) to your business. They are great for reviewing leading indicators or areas of focus regularly and can provide you with visibility into areas of your organization that need improvement. When you use failed response settings in your templates, you...

Inspection reports not sending

  • Inspections

Occasionally a user may have difficulty sending an inspection report – issues sending reports can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common problems are listed below: Issues with your default email client on mobile (e.g. mail, Gmail, etc.) Misconfigured email settings Exceeding attachment file size limits Device restrictions Corporate network restrictions Trouble...

Bulk Export Inspections

  • Inspections

Users are able to export inspections using iAuditor by first navigating to the “Inspections” menu. Once the page has loaded, check any inspections you wish to export and then click the “Exporting” drop-down menu. You can now export your inspections as PDF, Word, CSV, and JSON. This article will help you: Export inspections in PDF, Word,...