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View and share an incident report (beta)

  • Incidents

When dealing with incidents, we understand that being able to report on the entirety of an incident is just as important as being able to create and resolve one. That’s why with the Incidents feature, you can generate web reports and share them with anyone. This article outlines how you can view and share an...

Incidents FAQ (beta)

  • Incidents

This article provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions on the Incidents feature. What is the Incidents feature? The Incidents feature includes a wide range of functionalities that empowers not only frontline workers to report incidents as soon as one occurs, but also the teams responsible for resolving them, as they are notified...

Report and update an incident (beta)

  • Incidents

The Incidents feature empowers your workers to report incidents as soon as they occur, and collaborate with relevant teams to resolve them as soon as possible. This article outlines how you can report incidents and update existing ones, on both the web app and the mobile app. Create an incident Web app Log in to...

Manage incident categories and alerts (beta)

  • Incidents

It is important for workers to report incidents as soon as they occur. It’s equally important for the right people to be notified so that they can start resolving the incident without delays. Using the incidents feature, you can utilize categories to notify relevant groups when an incident has been reported in an area they...

Delete incidents (beta)

  • Incidents

Although record-keeping is a good practice to have in all businesses, it’s still necessary sometimes, to delete data you no longer need. Whether it was created by mistake, or it’s out of date and no longer relevant. This article shows you how to delete incidents, one at a time, and in bulk, on the web...

Export incidents to CSV (beta)

  • Incidents

At times, the data you create on iAuditor, including incidents, may need to be exported for import into another platform, or simply for record-keeping purposes. This article outlines how you can export all your existing incidents to CSV (Excel) format, on the web app. Export incidents to CSV (Excel) file Incidents can only be exported...