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Actions FAQ

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This article provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions on the Collaborative Actions feature. What is the Collaborative Actions feature? Collaborative Actions is the latest Actions experience that we released in 2019. This feature empowers everyone to flag issues by raising actions from their devices. This can be done either on the go,...

Assign actions using email (external assignees)

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You may work with others outside of your iAuditor team, but your use of actions doesn't have to be limited. Assign actions to people outside of your iAuditor team using their email address.  If someone is assigned an action and does not have edit/view actions to the inspection, then they can see the inspection and...

Collaborative actions on web

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The Collaborative Actions feature allows you to identify, track, and correct issues as a team. Not only can you create and update actions in the same way you use actions on mobile, but you can also gain a vantage point to view and manage actions in bulk when using actions on the web app. This...

Sort and filter collaborative actions

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Collaborative actions let you and your team spot issues and correct them as a group. Bring the actions you care most about to the forefront by sorting and filtering your actions list on both mobile and web. Learn via video Web app: sort & filter collaborative actions Login to the iAuditor web app Select the...

Collaborative actions on mobile

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The Collaborative Actions feature allows you to identify, track, and correct issues as a team. You can create actions to highlight an issue that needs to be fixed as you’re walking through an inspection, or create standalone actions on the go, without having to start an inspection. Each action includes a built-in chat and activity...

Classic Actions from inspections

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Actions build a workflow into the iAuditor system by helping users take next steps when a corrective action is needed. You have the ability to assign actions while conducting inspections so that response is immediate, and on the spot. The action can be assigned to another user with a priority level and due date, and they...