To view your Failed responses, first you will need to have set up failed responses in your audit templates. From there you can check analytics where you will see a breakdown and trend.


Failed response results will only appear on new audits after you have set up failed responses. It does not apply to any old audits done prior to this change

You can access Analytics from the left side menu bar of your dashboard.

Once in the Analytics section, under the Overview section, you will see the ‘Total Failed Items’ widget in the top right corner. This shows you the total number of failed items across the organization, during the selected date range.

Clicking on the ‘Total Failed Items’ title will take you to a breakdown of where the failed items occurred.


If you scroll down further on the Analytics Overview, you will find tables for ‘Frequently Failed Items’ and ‘Audits With Most Failed Responses.’ These tables will help you quickly identify what audit items need to be addressed within your organization. These tables can be exported in CSV format, and also bookmarked for easy reference.


Once tables/graphs have been bookmarked, they can be accessed via the bookmark tab on the top of the Analytics Overview.


In order to see audit results from all the users in your SafetyCulture organization, you will need to ensure that auto-sharing of audits has been set up for each template. For more information on how to set this up, click here.


For more information on the Analytics feature, click here