Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you monitor and analyze inspection data over time in your organization! Using the “Responses” feature, you can dive deep into each template’s inspection answers or responses. This allows you to not only see how many times responses have been selected for each question but also to list inspections by each response.

This article shows you how to view inspection answers or responses breakdown and interact with the data in the Analytics feature on the web app.

Before you begin

Please note that Analytics is a web app feature and is only available for Premium organizations. Learn how to upgrade your free account and unlock the full iAuditor experience, starting with a 30-day trial!

Keep in mind that the Analytics response breakdown feature only supports text, value-based, and multiple-choice responses. Namely, questions using the following response types.

  • Person (Title Page)
  • Document number (Title Page)
  • Multiple choice (custom response set and Global Response Set)
  • Text answer
  • Number
  • Checkbox
  • Slider

Questions using all other response types would not be displayed in Analytics response breakdowns.

View inspection response breakdown

  1. Log in to the iAuditor web app.
  2. Select “Analytics” from the menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Apply your filters and select the “Responses“ tab on the top of the page.
  4. On this page, you can see a table listing the templates available to you. Each displaying the total number of inspections conducted, the average score in percentage, and the average inspection duration. If you require the table for reporting purposes, you can export the table as a CSV file by clicking “Export” on the upper-right of the page and selecting “Table as CSV”.
  5. Click the template of which the response breakdown you wish to view, then click “View responses” on the upper-right of the page.
  6. On this page, you will see a table listing all supported questions or items in the selected template. You can learn more about the table and how you can interact with the data it contains below.



By default, the first inspection page’s response breakdowns are shown. You can switch to different pages by clicking the dropdown menu on the upper-left of the table and selecting the page to go to, or navigating to the next and previous pages from the upper-right of the table.


This column shows the page, section, and question names in the template.


Click on a question to view its responses in detail. This column shows the labels of responses that have been provided to the question.

Usage total

Click on a question to view its responses in detail. This column shows the number of times a response has been provided to the question.

Usage % percentage

Click on a question to view its responses in detail. This column shows the proportion of times a response has been provided to the question out of all responses in percentage.


This column shows the average score achieved for this question. Click the question to view the score value for each applicable response.

View inspections

If you wish to view inspections that have provided a particular response to a question, click on the question to see its responses in detail and click that specific response. This lists all the relevant inspections, which you can export via the “Export” option on the upper-right corner of the page.

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