Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you monitor and analyze data over time in your organization! From identifying trends based on the number of failed items to locating sites or groups that score poorly from inspections, Analytics is packed with actionable data that can help your organization achieve and maintain success in compliance, safety, and more.

This article overviews the features in iAuditor Analytics and how you can utilize them to gain insights into your organization’s data.

Before you begin

Please note that Analytics is a web app feature and is only available for Premium organizations. Learn how to upgrade your free account and unlock the full iAuditor experience, starting with a 30-day trial!

Analytics Overview

  1. Log in to the iAuditor web app.
  2. Select “Analytics” from the menu on the left-hand side.
  3. You can apply filters to narrow down the results you see on this page. Which from top to bottom, shows you information on:
    • The total number of inspections conducted.
    • The average score of the inspections in percentage.
    • The number of unique users who have conducted inspections.
    • The total number of failed items captured.
    • The number of inspections conducted over a period of time.
    • The average performance of inspections over a period of time.
    • The breakdown of responses by customer response sets or Global Response Sets.
    • The top 10 frequently failed items or questions.
    • The 10 lowest scoring inspections.
    • The top 10 inspections with most failed responses.
    • The location of inspections.
  4. In the tab along the top of the page, you have the option to deep dive into the specific data points. Check out the relevant support articles below for how you can view and interact with the data.
    Conducted: View the total number of inspections conducted in your organization.
    Performance: Track inspection performance based on the score achieved for each inspection.
    Scheduled: Check the completion rate of inspection schedules over time.
    Responses: Spotlight each template’s inspection answers or responses.
    Failed Items: Track inspection performance based on the number of failures that have occurred during inspections.
    Item Scores: Deep dive into the scores at a question or item level across selected templates.
    Issues: Identify trends in your organization based on issue categories and track the number of issues created over a period of time. Please note that this feature requires the “Issue Access” permission. Learn more about permissions and how you can assign them as an administrator.
    Actions: Review trends in action resolution over time, as well as report on actions activity and participation by site.
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