We are currently in the process of migrating our customers onto the new collaborative actions experience. For more information visit our Collaborative Actions page.  

Actions build a workflow into the iAuditor system by helping users take next steps when a corrective action is needed. You have the ability to assign actions while conducting inspections so that response is immediate, and on the spot. The action can be assigned to another user with a priority level and due date, and they will be notified in real-time via email, text (SMS) or push notification. The assignee can then address the situation immediately, and you will be notified once this action has been completed. 


If you’re on a Free iAuditor account, actions can only be assigned to yourself. To assign actions to team members, you’ll need a Premium subscription. Click here for more information about subscription options and to begin a trial.

Mobile: Create an action during an inspection

  1. When a non-compliance selection is made, the submenu will appear with the option to add an action. Alternatively, tap on the paperclip.
  2. Create an action. You have the option to assign the action to a user within your organization account and set a priority and due date. The assignee will receive a notification.

Updating the status of pending actions

  1.  Tap on “Actions” in the bottom menu of iAuditor to see your list of actions.
  2. You can update the status of the action by tapping “Start Action” at the bottom to show the ‘In Progress’ status.
  3. Complete the action by tapping on ‘Mark As Done’ to close the action and update the status to ‘Done’.
  4. If the action cannot be done, you can change the status to ‘Can’t Do’ by pulling up the drop-down menu in the top right hand corner. You also have the option to ‘Edit’ the action if necessary.
  5. You can also tap the Links to Audit field to access the specific audit and item that the action is referring to.  Note that this only applies if you have ‘View’ permissions to the audit, and is not yet available on the iAuditor web app.  As seen in the screenshot below:
  6. The field shows the name of the audit (Pre-Start checklist) and the field that the Action was created on.  When you tap it, you will be linked to the specific item in the audit this refers to – the Action will be listed below the item, as well.

Action Permissions

Actions are able to be Shared along with the files they reside on.  Sharing Actions follows the same setup as your document sharing for templates and audits. For example, Users with ‘View’ or ‘View, Edit’ permissions for an audit will have the ability to View and Edit all actions related to that audit, while users with ‘View, Edit, Delete’ permissions would have the ability to View, Edit, and Delete actions related to that inspection.


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