This article provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions on the Collaborative Actions feature.


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Frequently asked questions

What is the Collaborative Actions feature?

Collaborative Actions is the latest Actions experience that we released in 2019. This feature empowers everyone to flag issues by raising actions from their devices. This can be done either on the go, or as an inspection is being carried out. Inspectors can provide all relevant context and evidence, to make sure the rest of the team understand exactly what needs to be fixed!

Each action has its own audit trail, which logs comments, photos, as well as field updates in real-time. This means all parties involved in the action can collaborate in one space to resolve the issue. The feature is available on both our web app, and mobile app.

Which platforms can I use collaborative actions on?

The Collaborative Actions feature is available on all our supported platforms! Learn how to use actions on the web app and the mobile app.

Who can see actions in an organization?

Standalone actions are visible to all users within an organization. However, if an action is created from an inspection, only the owner of the inspection, users who have been shared the inspection, and the assignee of the action can see the action.

How do I save changes made to actions?

Changes made to actions on the web app are saved as you go! Whereas changes made to actions on the mobile app are synced when the change is finalized. If you see the changes made on the mobile app are not synced, you can sync your actions by making sure your mobile device has a stable internet connection, then go to the actions list in the iAuditor app, and swipe down on the screen.

Can I send actions to people outside of my organization who don't use iAuditor?

Yes, you can! We understand that you may have contractors or subcontractors who are part of your work but don’t use iAuditor, so we made it possible to assign actions to external people by email.

How do I filter my actions list to only see certain actions?

The steps are different between the web app and the mobile app, so please take a look at our guide on how to sort and filter actions.

Why can I see the inspection report, but not the action?

It is likely that you have the Data Access or Data Management permission, which gives your account visibility to all templates and inspections in the organization. However, to see actions, the inspection needs to be directly shared to your account. Learn how to set up inspection auto-sharing so that nothing gets missed.

Can I create actions without having to start inspections?

Absolutely! You can create what we call standalone actions on both the web app and the mobile app. At this stage, to encourage collaboration, standalone actions are visible to all users in your organization.

Can I set up permissions for who can see or edit the actions for my team?

At the moment, actions are set up to encourage collaboration, so there are no restrictions on actions. If users can see an action, they are able to view, edit, and delete that action.

Why can I not see an action I created in the mobile app, on the web app?

It may be that the action has not been synced from your mobile app yet. Please make sure your mobile device has a stable internet connection, then go to the actions list in the iAuditor app, and swipe down on the screen to sync your actions.

What happens to completed actions?

They stay on your list! We want you to be able to view and monitor the history of your actions, including those that have been marked as complete. This means that if the action was not completed as expected, it can be easily reactivated and reassigned. If you don't want to see all the completed actions on your list in mobile, simply adjust your filters to exclude the "complete" status.

Can I delete actions?

You can! However, this can only be done from the web app, and up to 100 actions at a time.

Can I export my actions to CSV?

You can! Learn how to export your actions to CSV on the web app.

(For Legacy Actions users) I already have actions on my account, what will happen to them?

Any actions associated with our "legacy" actions feature will transfer seamlessly into the new experience. You do not need to take any steps to ensure everything transfers over. You should be able to view all of your existing actions in the new format with an issue. If you have any questions through the process, please contact our customer support team for assistance!


On the day we migrate customers to the new experience you may notice a brief connection issue of ~60 seconds. This is expected app behavior, to ensure your actions load correctly simply log out of the app and reload the screen. You will not lose any data, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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