Account timezone setting is an important part of your iAuditor experience. It not only defines the date and time perspective of the inspection reports you view and export, but also determines when you receive scheduled inspection notifications and how date and time are displayed on them.

This article shows you how to set the timezone for your iAuditor account on the web app. If you’re an administrator, you can also set the account timezone for users in your organization. Learn how you can do so via user profiles.

Before you begin

Please note that the timezone setting for your iAuditor account can only be updated on the web app. However, if your account timezone does not match the timezone setting on your computer or mobile device, you may see a prompt to update your account directly to match the computer or device’s system timezone, without following the steps below.

Set your account timezone

  1. Log in to the iAuditor web app.
  2. Click your username on the lower-left corner of the page.
  3. Select “Account Settings”.
  4. Click “Edit” in the “Details” box, then click the dropdown menu under “Timezone” and select the timezone you wish to set.
  5. Click “Save changes” to set your new account timezone.
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