Web App: Reset password

  1. To reset your password, go to the login page on iAuditor, the web app, and click on “Forgot your password?”
  2. Type in theĀ email address that is registered as your iAuditor account, and click “Reset password.”
  3. You will see a confirmation message that an email has been sent to theĀ email address.
  4. In the email that was sent, click on “Reset your password.”
  5. You will be taken back to the iAuditor web page where you will be prompted to enter in a new password. Once you have entered in a new password, click on “Reset password.”
  6. Your password has now been reset.

Admins can reset passwords for their teammates through steps at the user profile level, see details here.

Mobile App: Reset Password

  1. Select “Log in” as if you were going to login to iAuditor normally
  2. Underneath the option to type in your email, select the “Forgot your password?” link
  3. A confirmation pop-up displays, and a a reset link will be sent to the email associated to your account
  4. In the email that was sent, click on “Reset your password”
  5. The link launches a web page where you can set a new password
  6. Enter a new password, and click on “Reset password”
  7. Your password is now reset


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