It’s normal for your team’s information to change over time. As an account admin, you may need to the ability to alter the information for a user’s account for them. User profiles allow you to review:

  1. User settings
  2. Devices
  3. Templates
  4. Groups

Only Administrators with the “user management” permission are able to modify user profiles.  For more information, please see the Organization User Permissions article.

User details, Password, and Notification Settings

From the “user settings” menu you can review a team member’s user details, password, and notification settings.

User details – The following details can be edited as an administrator:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email Address (Login)
  4. Timezone

Changing a user’s email address will prompt a confirmation email to be sent to the user.

Password – The following details can be reset by the account admin:

  1. Email password reset instructions to this user
  2. Set a new password for this user

Notification Settings –  The following details can be managed by the account administrator:

  1. Actions notifications: Email on assignment, and email on completion
  2. Inspection notifications: Email on inspection triggered
  3. Schedules: Email for scheduled inspection reminder


User Devices

From an admin account, iAuditor can show and edit the devices a user has registered to their account. Manage user devices on iAuditor.

Templates assigned to a user

From an individual’s user profile, you can look at which inspections are currently shared to them, and the related sharing permissions. You are also able to view which templates are Archived using the Active/Archived from the tabs above the templates search.

Groups a user is apart of

The iAuditor User Profile page displays the Groups a user is assigned to.



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